Here is a no-name I scored on the bay. It wasn’t in terrible condition, but the toe had quite a bit of material missing - you can see how rounded it is - and being a no-name it seemed like a good candidate for hacking on. In the pictures you see it in the condition it came to me in, then a shot of it after a long vinegar bath, revealing lots of hard steel left for service. It weighed 3lbs 10oz until it met my grinder and it’s now 2lbs 14oz.

Another one of the pictures shows the handle as it came, and how it looked after a lot of time on the belt sander. I removed material from the inside curves to give it a more curvacious appearance as well as thin it out overall.

I re-profiled the bit slightly, thinned the cheeks just a touch and put it back in the vinegar to restore a somewhat uniform patina.

axe restoration custom axe axe modification refurbished